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I am Omran, My interest in photography started in my teens around 1978. My focus is mainly on photographing landscape, still life, abstract, nature, close-ups, sports etc..New photographs are added to my website frequently. In my work as a photographer, great moments appear and disappear in an instant, time and place grants success and great rewards. I produce creative work for online specialist web sites selling images, and take part in competitions, and other events. I enjoy visiting photography and art galleries, I also have a keen interest in calligraphy art. All Photos have been taken by Canon EOS DSLR Camera.
I am a Registered Member of The Royal Photographic Society - United Kingdom. I hope you enjoy looking at the Photos. Apart from photography, I am a qualified Foot Health Professional MCFHP MAFHP(Diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the foot,ankle and lower leg)

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